10 Best Online Will Makers of 2024 (Expert Insight)

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Ethan Sterling
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Online Will Maker

Statistics show that only 32% of Americans have a will, marking a 6% decrease from 2023 and the first drop in estate planning rates since 2020. If you are one of those who has no plan in place, now is the time to take action. With the rise of online will makers, creating a legally binding will has never been easier or more affordable.

But with so many options available, how do you choose the best online willmaker for your needs? In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best online will makers for 2024. We will discuss their pros and cons, features, and why we chose them as one of the best will makers today. So, if you are ready to create your will, read on!

Will Maker 



  • Downloadable templates

  • Various document types

  • State specific templates

  • Great customer support

    Easy to use platform



Best Overall

  • User-friendly interface

  • State-specific compliance

  • Secure document storage

    Continous support

    Mobile optimized 

    Encrypted data



  • Variety of templates

  • Downloadable documents

  • Easy to use interface

    State-specific documents

    Secured documents

    Less expensive



  • Easy to use interface

  • Easy will making process

  • Top-notch A+ rating

  • Email and phone support

  • Document Vault

  • New List Item



  • Free documents

  • State-specific documents

  • Email support

    Downloadable documents

    Easy will making process

    Free planning guides


Very Good

Our Criteria for Choosing the Best Online WillMaker

Before we dropped our list, we searched high and low to find the best online willmakers of 2024. To make our decision, we looked at several factors, including:

  • Ease of Use: We searched for willmakers that were user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Pricing: We narrowed down our list to affordable options that offer good value for money.
  • Customer Reviews: We also took into consideration customer reviews and ratings to ensure we were recommending trusted and reputable services.
  • Process: We looked for willmakers that offered a simple and streamlined process, making it easy for users to create their wills without any hassle.

After careful consideration, we have compiled a list of the top three online willmakers for 2024. These options stood out above the rest in terms of user-friendliness.

1. Quicken WillMaker & Trust

Quicken Will Maker & Trust Services

Estate planning and will preparation can seem like daunting tasks, but Quicken WillMaker & Trust can help make the process easier. This software provides step-by-step guidance, allowing users to create customized legal documents to fit their unique needs.

The service offers more than 35 estate planning documents, such as trusts, transfer on death deeds, health care directives, and various financial management documents. With Quicken WillMaker, individuals can draft a will, power of attorney, living will, and more, all from the comfort of their own homes. 


  • Offers various legal documents, including wills, living trusts, power of attorney, health care directives, and more.
  • The software’s interface is straightforward and easy to navigate, making it accessible for those without extensive legal knowledge.
  • It is significantly cheaper than hiring a lawyer to draft these documents.
  • The software updates regularly to keep legal forms current with laws and regulations.
  • Tailor documents to your specific situation and family needs.


  • Limited customer support
  • No Attorney Access
  • Annual Membership Requirement

Quicken WillMaker & Trust Offers:

  1. Make Wills: Create customized wills for you and your immediate family.
  2. Create Trusts: Set up trusts that are specific to your needs.
  3. Assign Powers of Attorney: Grant legal authority to someone to make decisions on your behalf.
  4. Document Living Wills: Outline your healthcare wishes.
  5. Keep Current: The expert attorneys regularly update WillMaker to ensure compliance with your state’s laws.

Quicken WillMaker & Trust Costs

The software offers three distinct pricing plans: the Starter package, the Plus package, and the All Access package. The Starter package is priced at $99 annually and is limited to desktop use. The Plus package costs $139 annually. For comprehensive coverage, the All Access package is available for $209 annually.

Customer Support

Quicken WillMaker & Trust has received positive feedback for its customer support. Some customers described their customer support as prompt and good. Other customers have mentioned that the support team is available via phone or email from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST on weekdays, which is helpful for those who have busy schedules. Customer service is highly rated, although it does not include legal advice.

Quicken WillMaker & Trust Will-Making Process

To get started with Quicken WillMaker & Trust, follow these steps:

  1. Get your copy of Quicken WillMaker & Trust 2024. Available for download on both Windows and Mac. This software is a fantastic resource for crafting and managing key legal documents, like wills and trusts.
  2. Install the software on your computer and start Quicken WillMaker & Trust 2024 to begin.
  3. Create your profile and provide necessary information about yourself and your family. The software will guide you through creating a profile. 
  4. Answer questions that Quicken WillMaker will present. The question has a series of questions related to your estate planning needs. Answer these questions honestly and thoroughly. They will help tailor your legal documents.
  5. Based on your responses, the software will generate essential documents. It could be will, trusts, healthcare directives, and power of attorney. 
  6. Carefully review the documents generated by the software. Make any necessary edits or additions to ensure they accurately reflect your wishes.
  7. Once you’re satisfied, print out the documents. Sign them in the presence of witnesses (as required by your local laws).

Keep in mind that while Quicken WillMaker & Trust 2024 makes the process simpler, consulting a legal professional is crucial for complex estate planning needs or specific legal questions. Peace of mind is paramount when it comes to securing your legacy!

Why We Chose Quicken WillMaker & Trust

Absolutely; let us tell you why we chose Quicken WillMaker & Trust 2024 for our estate planning needs. This software offers a comprehensive array of legal documents. With Quicken WillMaker, you gain access to an extensive suite of essential legal documents, including wills, trusts, healthcare directives, and powers of attorney. This makes it an outstanding choice for anyone looking to manage their estate planning efficiently and effectively.

Who is Quicken WillMaker Best For?

Quicken WillMaker & Trust is great for seniors looking for an easy and affordable way to handle their final wishes. It’s also perfect for those who like to do their own estate planning and need many different documents.

2. US Legal Wills

US Legal Wills Online WillMaker

U.S. Legal Wills is a leading source for online legal documents, including wills, powers of attorney, and living wills. Its easy, step-by-step process simplifies the creation of customized legal documents. The platform is intuitively designed, eliminating the requirement for users to have any legal expertise. Additionally, it uses encryption to protect all sensitive personal data.

With the trust of over 2 million people, U.S. Legal Wills has been the leading online service in the U.S. for creating wills, powers of attorney, and living wills for over 24 years.


  • Offers a customizable will template that is easy to update long-term.
  • You can make unlimited updates to your will free of charge for up to one year.
  • If you change your mind and decide not to have an online will, you have 30 days to receive your money back.
  • Provides email updates about legislation changes.


  • Does not offer a living trust option.
  • Because there are more options, some users may get confused during the process.

US Legal Wills Offers:

  1. Last Will and Testament: You can allocate your assets, designate guardians, and select an executor.
  2. Living Will: This document lets others know your healthcare decisions
  3. Power of Attorney: You can appoint someone to manage your financial affairs if you’re unable to do so.
  4. Expatriate Will: If you live outside of the U.S. or have assets in Canada or the U.K., you can create an Expatriate Will.
  5. Life Locker: Store personal information that is critical to be passed on to your family and executor.

Pricing and Plans

  • Last Will and Testament: $49.95
  • Premium Last Will and Testament: 69.95 (including taxes)
  • Complete State Plan: 99.95 (including taxes)
  • Premium State Plan: 129.95 (including taxes)

Customer Support 

U.S. Legal Wills has garnered a mix of feedback. Customers have lauded its ease of use, value in preventing poor decisions, prompt responses in urgent cases, and cost-effectiveness. However, there have been critiques about satisfaction with purchases, customer service, and issues with law firms, including complaints about charges after canceling free trials.

How to Get Started with US Legal  Wills

  1. Begin by selecting a U.S. Legal Wills plan that fits your needs. Options include the Standard Last Will and Testament, Premium Last Will and Testament, Complete Estate Plan, and Premium Estate Plan.
  2. Provide essential details such as your name, address, marital status, and information about your children.
  3. Select an executor who will be responsible for managing your estate.
  4. Detail how you wish to distribute your assets.
  5. Use U.S. Legal Wills’ intelligent Q&A wizard to draft your will.
  6. Finally, review your will for accuracy and sign it to make it official.

Why We Chose US Legal Wills

We chose U.S. Legal Wills for several compelling reasons. First off, they offer a customizable will template that’s not just easy to use but also easy to update as time goes by. What really sealed the deal for me was the free unlimited updates for a whole year. Life changes, and so do our needs, and being able to update my will without extra charges is fantastic.

But what if you changed your mind? They’ve got that covered, too, with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It’s reassuring to know you could get my money back if you decided it wasn’t for you. And in today’s fast-changing world, staying informed is key. U.S. Legal Wills sends email updates about any legislation changes, ensuring I’m always in the loop and my will is up to date with the latest laws.

Who is US Legal Wills Best For?

US Legal Wills is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to create a customizable and updatable will without any hassle. It’s especially beneficial for those who anticipate changes in their life circumstances or laws that may affect their will.

The ease of use and unlimited updates make it an ideal choice for individuals with busy lives or those who are not tech-savvy. With US Legal Wills, you can easily make changes to your will at any time without worrying about additional charges.

3. Trust & Will

Trust & Will Online Will Maker

Trust & Will, located in the heart of San Diego, California, was founded in October 2017 by visionaries Cody Barbo, Daniel Goldstein, and Brian Lamb. This pioneering company leads the way in online estate planning and probate services, providing customized legal solutions to protect assets and guarantee they’re managed and passed on according to the wishes of their owners. 

What distinguishes Trust & Will is not only its emphasis on the importance of future planning; it’s also its dedication to creating trusts that benefit individuals during their lifetime and beyond, offering peace of mind and security for what’s most important.


  • Using this product is much less expensive than hiring an estate planning lawyer to prepare your documents.
  • Quickly create your will and trust in just 10 and 20 minutes, respectively, and receive your printed documents shipped directly to you within a few days.
  • The process is smooth, and the interface is very customer-friendly.
  • Unlimited changes can be made for up to a year, allowing for frequent updates.
  • You can appoint a digital executor to oversee your digital assets.
  • You can get instant access to customer support. 


  • It is not suitable for complex estates as it only creates basic estate planning documents.
  • You can’t specify how to manage your property or set distribution times. Customizing documents or consulting a lawyer isn’t possible either.
  • Your loved ones might struggle to locate your assets with the little information provided in these documents.

Trust & Will Offers:

  • Wills: You can create a basic will with their help. If you are married, you can also make a separate will for your spouse.
  • Trusts: You can set up a trust for you and your spouse. 
  • Pour-over: When you make your trust, you’ll get a pour-over will for free. This means whatever you own when you pass away automatically goes into your trust
  • Other Documents: You have the option of purchasing the necessary documents.

How Much Does Trust & Will Cost

Trust & Will offers a comprehensive and affordable way to handle estate planning needs, presenting a variety of packages and services tailored to different requirements:


  • Individual Will: $69
  • Spouse’s Will: An additional $60, making it a cost-effective option for married couples to ensure both partners have their wishes formally documented.


  • Individual Trust: $399, which includes the creation of a trust tailored to your specific needs.
  • Spouse’s Trust: Adding a trust for a spouse costs an additional $100.

Customer Support

You can talk to support for help with the software or to understand a term better. You can also pick a time for an agent to call you back. The customer support is easy to reach and nice to talk to. People say the service is “great” and the help they got was “smart.”

How to Get Started with Trust & Will

Starting your estate planning with Trust & Will is a straightforward process designed to cater to your unique needs. 

  1. Evaluate Your Needs: Share details about your life and assets to find the best estate planning option for you. Considerations include whether you have minor children, own real estate, have specific healthcare wishes, possess assets over $160,000, are married, own a business, and wish to leave donations.
  2. Select Your Plan: There are two plans to choose from: the Trust Plan and the Will Plan.
  3. Answer Common Questions: Understand the essentials of estate planning, such as costs, timeframes, the difference between a trust and a will, notarization requirements, and how to update documents. If you are unsure which plan suits you best, a quick quiz can help you decide.

Why We Chose Trust & Will

We went with Trust & Will because it’s easy to use, secure, doesn’t break the bank, and offers a ton of options for planning your estate. They’ve made over 100,000 customers happy, and they’ve got glowing reviews to prove it. You can rest easy knowing your assets will be handled just the way you want. And the best part? You can update your documents anytime for free, with no extra charges.

Who is Trust & Will Best For?

Trust & Will serves as an ideal solution for several groups seeking to protect their family and assets without incurring high legal fees. It proves to be a cost-effective choice for those looking to establish an estate plan on a budget. Additionally, young families can benefit from its services, especially parents wanting to appoint a guardian for their minor children. 

Pet owners will find value in Trust & Will’s option to nominate a guardian for their pets, ensuring their furry friends are cared for. Lastly, individuals with basic estate planning needs will appreciate the platform’s ability to create simple, legally binding documents that meet standard requirements and popular preferences.

4. TotalLegal

TotalLegal Online Will Maker

Since launching in 2000, TotalLegal, brought to you by Pro Se Planning, Inc. from Bellevue, Washington, has become a trusted name in online legal document preparation, boasting an A+ rating from the BBB. While it excels in offering a user-friendly online will-making service, TotalLegal also provides assistance in creating a variety of essential estate planning documents, such as living wills and powers of attorney, all from the comfort of your home.


  • Top-notch A+ rating
  • Affordable one-time payment for an online will
  • Complete set of legal documents and services


  • No phone support is available
  • No online chat
  • You can update your will for 60 days

TotalLegal Offers:

  • Wills: TotalLegal provides an easy online will-making service. Users answer questions and then can download and print their personalized will.
  • Living Wills: TotalLegal helps make living wills that say what healthcare you want if you can’t tell people yourself. A document is crucial for ensuring one’s desires are honored in medical situations.
  • Powers of Attorney: TotalLegal also helps make powers of attorney documents. These documents let someone make financial or legal decisions for you if you can’t do it yourself.

TotalLegal Will Service Costs

  • Wills: $19.94
  • Living Will: $19.95
  • Power of Attorney: $14.95

Customer Support

TotalLegal provides customer support through email and phone during most business hours. For the fastest response, they recommend reaching out to them via their Help Center. TotalLegal’s customer service reviews are generally positive. Many customers praise the ease of use, affordability, and quality of their service

How to Get Started Making a Will with Total Legal

  1. To begin, you need to click the “Start my Last Will Now.”
    Button, and you’ll be redirected to a page that will ask you to enter your personal information, such as name and address.
  2. Next, you’ll be prompted to choose the type of will you want to create: individual or joint.
  3. After selecting your desired will, you can then designate who will handle your estate and make decisions for you through a power of attorney document.
  4. Once all necessary information is entered, you can review and finalize your documents before purchasing them.
  5. After completing the payment process, you will receive a downloadable version of your documents that can be printed and signed.

Why We Chose TotalLegal

We chose TotalLegal for several compelling reasons that cater to my needs for legal document preparation. We love it because its affordability is unmatched, and it offers wills at a low cost, allowing for separate payments for each legal document. This flexibility means you can manage your expenses effectively, only paying for the specific services you require.

TotalLegal also has an impressive selection of legal documents. From last wills and living wills to power of attorney documents, they’ve got everything we need in one place. While some users have noted that the interface might feel a bit outdated and the pricing tiers can be confusing, We found that taking the time to read multiple reviews and thoroughly understand the service helped us make an informed decision. 

Who is TotalLegal Best For?

TotalLegal is a great option for individuals who want to take care of their legal needs without breaking the bank. It’s also perfect for those who only need specific documents and don’t want to pay for a full legal consultation. With TotalLegal, you can easily create your own will, living trust, power of attorney, and other important documents in just a few clicks.

Creating a Will and Testament is an essential part of estate planning, allowing individuals to ensure their assets are distributed according to their wishes. The rise of online legal services has made this process more accessible and affordable.

5. Do Your Own Will

Do Your Own Will Online Will Maker

“Do Your Own Will” is an online platform that provides a completely free service for creating legal wills. It is designed for individuals to draft their own wills without the need for an attorney. The website emphasizes the importance of having the will to ensure that one’s assets and personal possessions are distributed according to one’s wishes after death. 

It is accessible to anyone over the age of 18 who is of sound mind, offering an easy and cost-effective way for people to create their own wills online. The service includes templates for wills, living wills, and durable power of attorney forms, making it a comprehensive tool for basic estate planning needs.


  • Free Documents: The platform provides free documents, such as living wills and power of attorney.
  • State-Specific Templates: They provide templates specific to each U.S. state.
  • Downloadable documents: All their documents are available for download in Word and PDF
  • Reliable customer support: You can reach their customer support via email.


  • Compliance with State Laws: You’ll need to check state laws yourself to make sure you will comply.
  • Lack of Legal Support: No legal support is available; customer service is only available via email.

Do Your Own Will Offers:

  1. Last Will and Testament: This document enables you to distribute your assets, designate guardians, and appoint an executor.
  2. Living Will: This document communicates your health care decisions to others.
  3. Durable Power of Attorney: This document allows you to appoint someone to communicate your decisions if you can’t.

Pricing and Plans

When considering Do Your Own Will, you have several options. Using free online templates is the most cost-effective, with an average cost of $0, but they may not be comprehensive enough and require knowledge of state laws. Paid online estate planning tools range from $8 to $50, offering more guidance but still may not be tailored to your specific needs. 

Hiring an estate planning attorney is the most expensive option, with an average cost of $300, but it provides personalized, comprehensive planning and peace of mind. Costs vary based on location, complexity, and the attorney’s experience. While DIY options exist, professional help, despite being pricier, ensures a thorough and legally sound estate plan.

Customer Support 

“Do Your Own Will” provides customer support through email. The feedback on their customer support highlights some key points. On the positive side, users find the platform straightforward and easy to navigate, appreciating the free service and state-specific templates it offers.

How to get Started with Do Your Own Will

  • Enter basic information (name, address, marital status, children)
  • Name a Will Executor
  • Describe how you would like your assets to be distributed
  • Download and save your document in Adobe .pdf or editable .docx

Why We Chose Do Your Own Will

We like that the platform is incredibly user-friendly, offering free documents, including a living will and power of attorney. What’s more, they provide state-specific templates, which is a huge plus, given the variations in law from state to state in the U.S.

One of the features we appreciate most is the self-guided process. It allows you to work on your will at your own pace, without the pressure or expense of involving a lawyer. The flexibility to update your will anytime would give you peace of mind, knowing that your documents can evolve with your life.

Who is Do Your Own Will Best For?

Do Your Own Will is a great option for individuals who are looking for a simple and affordable way to create their will. It’s also ideal for those who prefer to have control over the entire process and want the flexibility to make changes as needed. Additionally, it’s a fantastic choice for those who may not have complex estate planning needs but still want to ensure their wishes are legally documented.

6. RocketLawyer

RocketLawyer Online Will Maker

Rocket Lawyer stands out as a premier online provider of legal services, specializing in an array of essential documents with a strong focus on estate planning. Among its offerings, Rocket Lawyer provides a user-friendly free-will template that individuals can effortlessly fill out online. Once completed, this document can be downloaded and printed, offering a convenient solution for those looking to make arrangements for their estate. 


  • Offers a free 7-day membership trial, which gives you access to all of the documents on the platform.
  • Provides a 30-minute phone consultation during the free trial. 
  • Members can also get a 30-minute consultation with a lawyer for new issues.
  • Chat feature to talk to a lawyer.


  • Membership can be costly.
  • A standard year membership, charged monthly, costs nearly $500.
  • Other top will makers have much lower annual fees.
  • You need a membership to edit documents once the trial ends.

RocketLawyer Offers:

  • Last will and testament: You can create a personalized last will and testament using their online questionnaire.
  • Power of attorney: Offers power of attorney documents for both healthcare and finances.
  • Revocable Living Trust: This helps you set up a revocable living trust to protect your assets.
  • Access to Attorney: Offers a consultation with an attorney for new legal issues.

RocketLawyer Will-Making Costs

There are no one-time fees; the free-will template is available at no cost. For ongoing legal support and the flexibility to modify your documents, there is a recurring fee of $39.99 per month or an annual option available for $239.99.

How to Use Rocket Lawyer’s Complete Will Template:

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to the Rocket Lawyer Complete Will Template page.
  2. Answer the questions to make sure they will fit your situation.
  3. Go over the will to make sure it says exactly what you want.
  4. Make any necessary changes.
  5. Print out the will. Sign the will with witnesses around, as the law requires.

Why We Chose RocketLawyer

One of the reasons we highly recommend Rocket Lawyer is their exceptional customer service. They truly go above and beyond by offering multiple channels to seek legal assistance. Whether you prefer a more traditional method like a phone call, the convenience of sending an email, or the immediacy of online chat, Rocket Lawyer has you covered. 

This level of accessibility and support makes navigating legal matters, especially when drafting wills, a much smoother and more reassuring process. Their approach demystifies legal procedures, making it easier for anyone to secure their future.

Who is RoketLawyer Best For?

Rocket Lawyer is perfect for those seeking top-notch customer service and expert legal assistance. Whether you have questions about creating a will or need legal advice, they’ve got you covered. You can easily connect with a lawyer via phone, email, or live online chat to get all the answers you need.

7. LegalZoom

LegalZoom Online Will Maker

LegalZoom’s WillMaker is an online estate planning service that provides users with the tools to create a will and other important legal documents. It stands out for offering state-specific legal advice, which is included with certain plans or available for an additional fee. The service is praised for its flat-fee pricing and the availability of attorney consultations in all 50 states, making it a solid choice for those looking for legal assistance without surprises in costs.


  • Availability of attorneys for consultation across all 50 states.
  • Clear, flat-fee pricing for its services.
  • The comprehensive plan and estate plan bundle include access to attorney support, enhancing the value of these packages.


  • Higher cost compared to some other online will-making options.
  • A relatively narrow range of document offerings compared to competitors.
  • Buying a revocable living trust separately may raise costs for some users.

LegalZoom Offers:

  • Last will & testament: LegalZoom provides last wills, living trusts, estate bundles, and comprehensive plans, each with attorney access for legal advice.
  • Living Trust: LegalZoom offers estate planning services, including creating a revocable living trust to protect assets and ensure they’re distributed as desired after death.
  • Power of Attorney: With LegalZoom’s power of attorney service, you can designate someone to make important financial or medical decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated.
  • Healthcare directive (includes living will and medical power of attorney): LegalZoom can help you create a healthcare directive, which includes a living will and medical power of attorney, to ensure your wishes are carried out in case of incapacitation.
  • Financial power of attorney: LegalZoom also offers a financial power of attorney service, allowing you to appoint someone to manage your finances if you are unable to do so yourself.
  • Legal advice & document review: LegalZoom’s legal plan subscription includes access to experienced attorneys who can provide guidance and review your legal documents for added peace of mind.
  • Pour-over will: To ensure all of your assets are distributed according to your wishes, LegalZoom can help you create a pour-over will that works in conjunction with a living trust.

Pricing and Plans

LegalZoom’s Basic Will Plan is offered at a one-time fee of $89 and includes the Last Will and Testament document. For a more comprehensive option, our Comprehensive Will Plan is available for a one-time fee of $99, and it not only provides the Last Will and Testament document but also includes a 14-day trial of the Legal Advantage Plus subscription.

For those seeking a more extensive solution, their Estate Plan Bundle, priced at a one-time fee of $249, encompasses the Last Will and Testament document, along with exclusive additions such as a Living Will and Financial Power of Attorney, both unique to this bundle.

Customer Support

LegalZoom offers customer support via phone with extended hours on weekdays and limited hours on weekends. Support has received high marks from users, indicating a positive experience for many.

LegalZoom Will Making Process

  1. Visit the LegalZoom Website: Navigate to LegalZoom’s homepage to get started.
  2. Select “Last Will and Testament”: Find and click on the “Last Will and Testament” option to initiate the will creation process.
  3. Complete the Questionnaire: Follow LegalZoom’s guided questionnaire, providing detailed information about your assets, beneficiaries, and estate planning needs to ensure your will is comprehensive.
  4. Customize Your Will: LegalZoom will use your answers to craft a personalized last will and testament. Here, you can detail asset distribution, appoint guardians for minors, and outline any final wishes.
  5. Review and Make Edits: Thoroughly inspect the drafted document for accuracy. Adjust as needed to accurately reflect your preferences and intentions.

Why We Chose LegalZoom

We chose LegalZoom for its comprehensive services, available attorney support, and positive customer service ratings. While it might be pricier than some alternatives, the added value of direct legal consultations and state-specific advice justifies the cost for me.

Who is LegalZoom Best For?

LegalZoom is best for those who want a comprehensive and customizable last will and testament, with the added bonus of legal support and guidance. It’s also a good option for those who may not have a lot of experience with legal documents, as LegalZoom offers user-friendly and easy-to-understand tools and resources.

8. LawDepot

LawDepot Online Will Maker

LawDepot offers a will-making service that stands out for its range of options and ease of use. They provide a variety of key estate planning documents, including a last will and testament, living will, living trust, financial power of attorney, and will codicil. Their website boasts over 150 templates for other legal documents as well​.

Based in Alberta, Canada, LawDepot has grown its presence internationally, with offices in the United States and the United Kingdom. They serve customers in Australia, France, Germany, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Nigeria, and Singapore, providing legal solutions across the globe. With more than 10 million happy customers, LawDepot has become a reliable source for meeting legal needs quickly and effectively.


  • Clear and easy-to-use template
  • Has a team of experts
  • Simple terminology
  • Over 10 million satisfied users
  • LawDepot provides state-specific templates.
  • You can pay for a single document or choose a subscription plan.
  • You can try out their services for free for seven days.


  • To access the free trial, you need to provide your payment information.
  • While LawDepot does offer support, it’s not available 24/7.
  • LawDepot does not offer cloud storage options for storing your documents.

LawDepot Offers:

  • Last Will and Testament: Specifies how your assets will be distributed after your death and can appoint guardians for minor children.
  • Living Will: Allows you to outline your wishes regarding medical treatment in situations where you cannot communicate your decisions.
  • Living Trust: This enables you to transfer property while you’re alive to a trust, which can be distributed to the beneficiaries you specify after your death, often without the need for probate.
  • Financial Power of Attorney: Grants someone you trust the authority to handle your financial affairs if you’re unable to do so.
  • Will Codicil: Permits you to make amendments to your existing will without having to draft a new one entirely.

LawDepot Estate Planning Costs

LawDepot offers a range of estate planning documents at the following prices:

  • Last Will and Testament: $49.95
  • Living Will: $29.00
  • Living Trust: $39.00
  • Financial Power of Attorney: $44.00
  • Will Codicil: $29.00

Customer Support 

LawDepot’s customer support receives mixed reviews. Many users appreciate its ease of use in managing legal matters, highlighting its cost-effectiveness and quick response in urgent situations. Not everyone is satisfied; some customers have expressed regrets due to customer service problems, issues with law firms, and billing complaints despite canceling free trials. Getting refunds has also been a major issue for some.

Customer feedback on LawDepot is generally positive, with an emphasis on its effective, user-friendly approach to legal document preparation. Despite some negative feedback regarding subscription cancellations and misunderstanding of terms of service, the company maintains a good reputation.

LawDepot Will Making Process

To get started with LawDepot, simply visit the website and create an account. Once you have signed up, you can access the various tools and templates available to help you prepare your will. These tools are designed to guide you through each step of the process, ensuring that your final document is accurate and legally binding.

Why We Chose LawDepot

We chose LawDepot for my will-making needs because of their state-specific templates. This ensures everything’s legally tight for your particular state. The platform itself? Super user-friendly. You’re not going to get lost in legal jargon trying to create your own documents.

What we really appreciate is the flexibility. Whether you need just one document or you’re looking for a subscription, they’ve got you covered. Plus, there’s a 7-day free trial, so you can give it a go without any commitment. And if you ever need help, reaching their support team is a breeze with multiple contact options. On the security front, they’re solid, using top-notch encryption to keep your personal info safe.

Who is LawDepot Best For?

This service is perfect for anyone looking to draft legal documents affordably, customized to their state’s laws. Ideal for those who want to handle the process on their own, without outside help. It’s also great for people aiming to set up a basic online will, making a potentially complicated process much simpler.

9. Fabric by Gerber Life

Fabric by Gerber Life Will Maker

Fabric by Gerber Life is your go-to for all your family’s financial necessities. They make life insurance accessible and affordable, provide complimentary wills, and furnish tools to secure your family’s financial future. It offers a free online will maker, making it an appealing choice for people looking for low-cost estate planning options. The platform is geared specifically for families with young children, though anyone can use the service.

Fabric’s template features estate planning decisions that new families are likely to prioritize, such as naming a guardian for minor children, appointing beneficiaries, and making funeral arrangements.


  • Offers a free online will template, making it an appealing choice for people looking for low-cost estate planning options.
  • The platform is geared specifically for families with young children, though anyone can use the service.
  • Focuses on key estate planning priorities for new families, including choosing guardians for minor children, selecting beneficiaries, and planning funerals.


  • Fabric’s will template isn’t state-specific, so you’ll need to ensure it complies with your state’s laws and likely have it witnessed or notarized.
  • Fabric provides free-will templates but offers customer service only for life insurance issues.

Fabric by Gerber Life Offers:

  • Free Online Will Maker: Fabric provides a free online will maker that allows you to create a digital last will and testament in about 5 minutes.
  • Estate Planning Decisions: Fabric, designed for families with young children, provides estate planning templates for selecting guardians, designating beneficiaries, and planning funerals, welcoming all users.
  • Instructions for Legal Binding: Its website has instructions for making your will legally binding in your state.

It’s important to understand that although Fabric provides complimentary will templates, their revenue comes from selling life insurance, with policies available as additional options. For those with more complex assets, exploring a tailored solution such as Quicken WillMaker & Trust might be better. Additionally, Fabric does not provide services such as living wills, power of attorney, revocable living trusts, or access to live legal advice.

Fabric by Gerber Life Cost

Fabric by Gerber Life offers a free online will template so you can easily create a legally binding will that meets all the necessary requirements in your state. With Fabric, you can also make updates and changes at any time for no additional cost.

Customer Support

If you need to contact Fabric by Gerber Life’s customer support, there are several convenient options available. They provide a live chat feature directly on their website for immediate assistance. Alternatively, you can email them for inquiries or support requests. While they also offer phone support, you may visit their website for the most current contact information.

Fabrics by Gerber Life Will Making Process

Starting with Fabric by Gerber Life to create your will is pretty simple. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Head Over to the Website: First thing, jump onto the Fabric by Gerber Life website.
  2. Find the Will Maker: Look for their free online will maker – it’s your gateway to start drafting your will.
  3. Fill in the Form: You’ll be guided step-by-step to create your digital last will and testament. It’ll cover important stuff like picking a guardian for any minor kids, deciding who gets what, and your funeral wishes.
  4. Check Your State’s Rules: Since the template from Fabric isn’t tailored to any specific state, you’ll want to ensure your will follows your state’s legal guidelines.
  5. Seal the Deal: Once you’ve got your will drafted, follow the provided instructions to make it official and legally binding in your state.

Why We Chose Fabrics by Gerber Life

We chose Fabrics by Gerber Life because of its easy-to-use website for will-making. We also like the fact that the will-maker is free of charge. For those who have no budget to hire expensive lawyers to draft their wills, Fabrics by Gerber Life is a perfect alternative. We also like that we can count on them in terms of insurance. 

Who is Fabrics by Gerber Life Best For?

Fabrics by Gerber Life is perfect for anyone looking to craft a simple, no-fuss will without the cost and hassle of a lawyer. It’s a fantastic choice for those who prioritize convenience and affordability in their legal matters. What’s more, their user-friendly website and wallet-friendly pricing are just the start. They offer a range of templates to suit various needs, whether you’re dealing with assets in different states or navigating complex family situations. Chances are, they have a template that’s just right for you.

10. Legal123

Legal123, established in 1972 and originally named Pre-Paid Legal Services, is a North American company that provides legal service products. It reaches customers directly, through employer groups, and via multi-level marketing strategies in both the United States and Canada. 

The core of Legal123’s offerings lies in its prepaid legal plans, which afford users access to legal assistance from local attorneys. This includes document review, drafting of letters, phone consultations, and more, all for an affordable fee. Catering to a range of needs, Legal123 has tailored plans for individuals, families, and small businesses seeking legal support.


  • A budget-friendly option for those seeking legal assistance.
  • Access to attorneys through phone consultations and document review.
  • Offers customized plans to meet your specific legal needs.
  • Get a full refund if you’re not satisfied with Legal123 within 15 days of enrollment.
  • “A+” rating and accreditation from the BBB


  • Limited Coverage:  Prepaid plans cover various services, but some legal areas might not be included. Review the plan details before signing up.
  • Possible Delay in Service: Legal123 assistance may be delayed based on the legal issue and local attorney availability.

Legal123 Will-Making Costs

The Personal Plan is available for $29.95 monthly or $299.40 annually. It provides a Standard Will creation service by a legal professional for you, your spouse, and eligible family members. Also, it comes with complimentary annual reviews and updates to your Will by your legal professional. For Business plans, these options extend the benefits to include guidance, consultations, and in-depth research, which are particularly useful for intricate wills or estate planning needs.

Customer Support

Positive feedback highlights the professionalism and punctuality of Legal123’s attorneys, with many customers valuing the service for preventing poor business decisions. Timely return phone calls in urgent situations and the affordability of the service, providing advice that could have cost hundreds elsewhere, are also praised. On the flip side, there are some dissatisfactions with purchases and complaints regarding customer service and law firm issues.

Legal123 Will Making Process

  1. Choose a Plan: Start by selecting a Legal123 plan that fits your needs. The Personal Plan, for instance, includes the preparation of a Standard Will by a provider lawyer.
  2. Select an Area of Law: Navigate through the Legal123 app or on your computer, and choose “Estate Planning” to begin the process.
  3. Create Your Will: Utilize Legal123’s guided online tool to draft your will, or opt to collaborate with a lawyer to ensure it accurately reflects your intentions.
  4. Review and Sign: After drafting your will, carefully review it for accuracy, then proceed to sign it to make it official.

Why We Chose Legal123

Choosing Legal123 to create your will could be a great decision because you will receive top-notch professional guidance. You’ll also be connected with experienced attorneys who will walk you through the entire process of making a will. We also like its affordability and its easy will-making process.

You can complete everything online, saving you time and hassle. Legal123 also offers comprehensive coverage, ensuring all bases are covered—from deciding who inherits your estate to ensuring your pets, properties, and minor children are well taken care of. So, if you’re considering making a will, Legal123 comes highly recommended. It could be a game-changer for you.

Who is Legal123 Best For?

Legal123 is a great option for anyone who wants to make a will but may be intimidated by the legal process. Their team of attorneys and legal professionals are skilled at translating complex legal jargon into easy-to-understand language, making the process much less daunting. Additionally, Legal123 offers affordable monthly membership fees, which can save you a significant amount compared to traditional attorney fees. This makes it an ideal choice for those on a budget or looking to minimize their expenses.

Comparative Analysis of the Top 5 Recommendations

Let’s see how our top 5 recommendations stack up with one another.

CompanyStarting PriceTrial OfferIncluded DocumentsLegal GuidanceRevision PeriodSupplementary Services
Quicken WillMaker & TrustFrom $99Not OfferedAvailableNot Available1 Year UpdatesHealthcare directives, durable power of attorney (POA), living trusts, final arrangements
U.S. Legal WillsFrom $49.95Not OfferedAvailableAvailableUnlimitedFinancial POA, living wills, funeral preferences
Trust & WillFrom $199Not OfferedAvailableAvailable1 YearPower of attorney, living wills, HIPAA authorization
Total LegalFrom $19.95 monthly or $99 annuallyNot OfferedAvailableAvailable60 DaysPower of attorney, living will, healthcare POA, bills of sale, promissory notes

When looking at the four top online will-making services—Quicken WillMaker & Trust, U.S. Legal Wills, Trust & Will, and Total Legal—some distinct differences and similarities stand out. This comparison will help you make an informed decision depending on what you need.

Quicken WillMaker & Trust is notable for its affordability, starting at $99. While it doesn’t come with a trial offer, it makes up for this by offering a wide range of extra features, such as healthcare directives and living trusts, plus updates for a year. However, it doesn’t offer legal advice, which is something to keep in mind.

U.S. Legal Wills offers an affordable starting price of $49.95, setting itself apart as a budget-friendly choice. While it doesn’t provide a trial offer, it stands out by allowing unlimited revisions. The service offers legal guidance and includes both essential and specialized documents, such as financial Power of Attorney and funeral preferences, making it a great option for those who value flexibility in their estate planning.

Trust & Will starts at $199, a bit pricier than some others, but you don’t get to try it before you buy. What you do get is legal help and a whole year to make any changes you need, all with a focus on making things easy for you. Plus, they offer extras like HIPAA authorization for those who really want to make sure their healthcare wishes are covered.

Total Legal has super flexible prices – you can choose from either $19.95 a month or $99 for the whole year. While they don’t have a free trial, they make up for it by letting you make revisions for up to 60 days. Plus, they offer legal advice, which is a nice bonus. Their range of extra services is pretty impressive, covering everything from different types of Power of Attorney to personal finance documents. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a wide variety of legal document solutions.

The Verdict

To sum it up, choosing between these four will-making services really depends on what you need. If you’re looking for legal advice or want the flexibility to make changes to your will, U.S. Legal Wills and Total Legal are good options. U.S. Legal Wills even lets you make unlimited changes, which is pretty unique. On the other hand, if you’re comfortable handling your estate planning without much legal help and want a bunch of extra services, Quicken WillMaker & Trust and Trust & Will might be more up your alley.

The Benefits of Making Your Will and Testament Online

Online Will Maker Benefits

Making your Will and Testament online has become increasingly popular due to its convenience, efficiency, and affordability. This method of estate planning offers several benefits:

1. Convenience

One of the most significant advantages of creating your Will online is the convenience it offers. You can start and complete your Will from the comfort of your home, at any time that suits you, without the need to schedule appointments or meetings with a lawyer.

2. Cost-Effective

Online Will services are typically much more affordable than hiring an attorney to draft your Will. This makes it an accessible option for many people, particularly those with straightforward estates who might otherwise delay or avoid making a Will due to the cost.

3. User-Friendly Process

Many online Will platforms are designed to be user-friendly, guiding you through the process with simple questions about your wishes and circumstances. This approach demystifies the process of will-making, which can otherwise seem daunting.

4. Flexibility to Update

Life circumstances change, and so do your assets and relationships. Online platforms often allow you to easily update your Will as needed, ensuring it always reflects your current wishes without the need to start from scratch.

5. Speed

The process of creating a Will online can be very quick, especially for straightforward estates. In many cases, you can complete your Will in under an hour and have a legally binding document ready for signing and execution.

6. Resources and Support

Online Will services often provide additional resources, such as FAQs, guides on estate planning, and customer support. While not a substitute for legal advice, these resources can help clarify common questions and concerns.

7. Privacy

For those who prefer to keep their estate plans private until necessary, creating a Will online offers a level of discretion. Unlike the process of working with an attorney, your decisions and the details of your estate remain between you and the platform until you choose to share them.

8. Accessibility

Online Wills are accessible to a wide range of people, including those living in remote areas or with mobility issues that make it difficult to visit a lawyer’s office.

Drawbacks to Consider

While there are many benefits to creating your Will online, it’s important to recognize that this method may not be suitable for everyone, particularly those with complex estates or specific legal concerns. In such cases, seeking personalized legal advice is recommended.

When to Use a Last Will and Testament

Last Will Maker

When should you write up your last will and testament? Right now. Don’t think it’s too early for that kind of stuff because it never is. And don’t ever say that it’s too late, either; you’re not there yet. It doesn’t matter how healthy or unhealthy you are. This is always the right thing to do. Not only does it bring peace of mind for yourself knowing things are taken care of after death but also for those who love us most dearly in life.

If any of these criteria apply to you then yes, creating a will might be considered:

  • If the distribution of your property doesn’t happen according to what you want;
  • When wishing to name individuals or organizations as recipients;
  • In case an executor needs to be appointed by whom all terms would be carried out under this document;
  • Wanting someone else besides mom/dad taking care kids when they’re still young – if one parent becomes incapable;
  • Providing access rights into personal digital files like emails/ social sites /photos online backups etcetera so that they can know about everything

How to Choose the Best Online Will Maker for Your Needs

Online Will Maler Guide

We have compiled a list of the best online will makers. However, it is important that you still consider your personal needs and preferences to determine which one is right for you. Here are some points that can help you in making that decision:

  • Review what features and services are being provided by each platform.
  • Take into account the pricing as well as any hidden charges or subscription plans.
  • Consider reading through user reviews and ratings so as to get an idea about their experiences with the service.
  • Check out the security measures put in place to safeguard personal information and assets.
  • Determine whether you would like assistance from an attorney or prefer taking up a DIY approach.

Always remember that creating a will forms part of future planning hence should be treated with seriousness since your wishes need to be adhered to even after death has occurred. Do not wait until it’s too late; act now!

Limitations and Considerations

Will Maker Considerations

Before coming to a final decision, you need to look into what restrictions or limitations might come with each platform. Here are some things that should be considered:

  • Some services for making wills online may not be provided in certain states or countries.
  • Real estate jointly owned by other people or located outside of the country and assets like these may not be covered by online wills.
  • Compared to hiring an attorney, an online service might not provide enough help if your estate is complex or your wishes are complicated.
  • A will needs to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis; however, some online services won’t let you do this without charging extra money.

In case there is anything unusual about your position or you have a complex family structure, it is recommended that you speak to a lawyer who can help ensure compliance with relevant legislation and regulations by providing advice from their experience.

Then think about what matters most for you when deciding on where I should write my will? If these questions remain unresolved after getting legal counsel; try creating at least one valid all-inclusive document even if imperfect.


Can I create my will online without the help of a lawyer?

Yes, you can find many trustworthy online sites to make a will by yourself. But, think carefully about what you need and want before deciding to do this.

What are the potential drawbacks of using an online service to create a will?

Some online services might not have free updates or might charge extra for changes. Also, if your situation is unique or your family situation is complicated, a lawyer could give better, personalized advice and make sure everything is legally correct.

Is it necessary to consult with an attorney when creating a will?

It’s best to talk to a lawyer when making a will, especially if you have a lot of assets or complex requests. They can offer helpful legal advice and make sure your will works legally. But, if your estate is simple, an online service could be cheaper. Make sure to think about the advantages and disadvantages before deciding. The main thing is to have a will that clearly shows what you want.

Are online wills legally valid?

Yes, online wills can be legally valid as long as they comply with your state’s laws regarding will creation. This typically includes requirements about the person’s mental capacity, the presence of witnesses during the signing, and specific signing procedures.

What should I do after creating an online will?

After making a will online, print and sign it according to your state’s rules, usually with two witnesses who aren’t in the will. Keep it in a safe place and tell your executor or family where it is. Remember to update it if big life changes happen.


You can make a will on the web with ease and economy, since you are able to compose a legally legitimate will from the convenience of your own dwelling. The 10 best online will makers we considered in this post give different characteristics and pricing plans to satisfy individual needs. By examining our evaluation, it is possible for you to select an appropriate on-line will-maker that can ensure clarity and accuracy in recording your remaining desires.

Remember to store your will securely and revise it when necessary so that any significant changes in life circumstances may be taken into account. An online will assures that one’s assets and loved ones are handled as per their wishes thus giving them peace of mind. So why wait? Start considering what you would like today and take action towards making an authorized online will.

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